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Healing sessions open with a comprehensive consultation and intuitive therapeutic support 

Through in-depth conversation, we'll explore what's happening in your life, any chronic or acute conditions, areas of pain or injury, and your specific needs and goals. 


I listen closely to your words and wishes, noticing any relevant emotional and energetic impressions. Bringing awareness to the more subtle patterns helps discharge and clear them, making space for new possibilities.


I will share insights and any intuitive hits, as well as offer recommendations regarding lifestyle, stress-reduction, emotional healing, exercise, diet and meditation. 

Healing deepens with Acupuncture, hands-on care, and infrared therapy

Acupuncture is a holistic healing approach integral to East Asian systems of medicine thought to be over 5000 years old. Acupuncture helps to simultaneously restore physical, mental and spiritual balance. Chronic pain, injuries and health concerns such as digestive issues, allergies, depression, anxiety, and reproductive health, can all be effectively treated with acupuncture.


Integrating classical Chinese Medicine, TCM, Japanese and Dry Needle traditions, acupuncture treatments include physical assessment and light TuiNa (Chinese Medical massage). As needed, I offer Cranial Sacral Therapy,Reiki and other gentle touch therapies to help ground the nervous system and facilitate deeper healing. 


To optimize relaxation, circulation and detoxification, the treatment table is covered by an Amethyst BioMat that emits a healing infrared warmth and a negative ionic charge.

Healing is further amplified by a custom Essence or Remedy

If an essence or remedy seems a good match, I'll let you know & will compose a formula free of charge.  My intention is to help you enjoy new levels of freedom and ease in your body and within the world, utilizing whichever modalities make the most sense for you. 


I also offer stand-alone Gem + flower essence consultations, which involve an in-depth conversation similar to an intuitive session (please see above) or can evolve from an email query or specific request. A custom-blended formula is composed based on our exchange, which will be given on site or mailed to your preferred address.

Essence + Acupuncture integrates Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Intuitive Counseling, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Flower and Gem Essences, Nutritional Therapy, Reiki, Homeopathic remedies and other modes of energetic healing to provide compassionate and effective holistic healthcare. 

"As a fellow healer, I can honestly say that Britta epitomizes the art of healing. She is truly gifted, taking the time and attention to help you understand the core issues. I came to her during a stressful time of transitions. Using a combination of therapy, acupuncture, gentle massage, and flower essences, Britta was able to heal me in different dimensions through her warm, caring presence. Since my treatments and specially blended formula (Divine Transitions), I have felt more balance, peace, and joy come into my life and have been inspired to express my true nature more fully."

Amanda W | Holistic Healer

Acupuncture in Tucson Az | Acupuncturist Britta Van Dun, LAc | Holistic Healing 

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